Habitat for Humanity CEO Patrick Kulati on reigniting the spirit of giving back on...

TCNBC Africa’s Godfrey Mutizwa caught up with Patrick Kulati, CEO of Habitat for Humanity South Africa to hear what they are contributing towards the memorable day.

COMESA CEO Sandra Uwera on the impact of the AfCFTA

At the ongoing Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) International Trade Fair happening in Kenya,it has been indicated that there is need to come up with innovative and practical strategies to promote industrialization and enhance trade in our region. Sandra Uwera, CEO of Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa Business Council joined CNBC Africa for more.

Should Africa tax social media?

Uganda’s taxman has reported that the controversial social media tax which was introduced last year has raised USh49.5 billion, falling short of the expected USh284 million. Silver Kayondo who is a partner at Ortus Advocates Uganda joins CNBC Africa for more.

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The show which is renowned for interviewing the African continent's billionaires and millionaires on their most challenging day ever in business has raised the bar by venturing into global business world to assemble a league of some of the richest and most successful African American moguls.

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