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SAPOA Annual Convention and Property Networking – 2022

SAPOA Annual Convention and Property Networking – 2022

The SAPOA Annual Convention and Property Networking – 2022 promises to remain true to its history of encouraging engaging conversations and deliberation on issues of pertinence with the commercial property sector.  We are excited about the many eagerly awaited enhancements that this year’s event will bring.

After a hiatus of eight years, the property event of the year returns to the internationally acclaimed Sun City in the North-West Province. The recently renovated resort is unlike anything in the world, offering mountain views, a key national park and an iconic golf course all under one roof.

The theme this year is #tomorrow.

Over the last decade our economy has barely grown, investment has dwindled, and the rate of unemployment has increased. The past two years have been equally challenging.

Today we are still feeling the effects of several years of corruption, the erosion of important public institutions and the resultant of policy malaise. The property sector has felt the effects at an alarming rate in the form of the weakening economy, decreasing investor confidence, rising municipal costs, water and electricity crises, high tenant vacancies and the like.

But even in the face of such great challenges, hope continues to spring eternal in the hearts of South Africans who are determined that they will not yield to despair, to undertake the detailed work required to turn our tomorrow around. The industry looks to the leaders for answers on what is in store for the property sector, exploring the opportunities, disruptors and technology heading our way.  The Convention’s programme will address these and other issues to ensure that the sector continues to inspire further development and productivity through achieving specific outcomes.

SAPOA is privileged to partner with Attacq, Dipula Income Fund, Fortress , Growthpoint Properties, Liberty Two Degrees, Pareto, Remote Metering Solutions and Resilient to host the annual property event of the year.

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